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What is a Zero Balancing session like?



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What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing® (ZB) is a holistic touch therapy that is based on the principle that we are both structure and energy –  body and mind. Zero Balancing touch goes to our core, engaging bones, joints and ligaments to clear tension at this deep level and free your natural vitality or Chi. ZB reduces pain, zaps stress, improves mobility and boosts your energy. Developed by physician and acupuncturist Fritz Smith, MD, ZB has its roots in osteopathy, Rolfing, acupuncture and meditation. ZB helps bring the body and mind into balance, and the results can be dramatic. Often, 2 or 3 sessions lead to lasting results.

"I feel like a new person. My whole being feels grounded and connected." A.P.


What can Zero Balancing do for you?

ZB can relieve pain and discomfort, boost energy and stamina, free stuck areas, erase stress, encourage insight, and quiet your mind. A ZB session gives you a direct experience of the wisdom of your body. Your healing goals for the session -- physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of the three -- are the roadmap for your treatment.

“I didn’t think Zero Balancing would help with my chronic pain. This has been a huge help, bringing new body awareness. Now I’m a believer.” M.R.


What is a Zero Balancing session like?

Sessions begin with a conversation about your current state of health and your priorities for positive change.  A ZB session is typically performed through clothing and includes a brief seated evaluation before you lie face up on the massage table. I assess your body for tension held in the bones, joints, and soft tissues. I then invite a release of these tensions by using gentle pressure and comfortable traction. People usually feel a state of deep peace, relaxation and heightened awareness.

"ZB is not about treating certain symptoms, but more about treating the whole body, which in turn also treats symptoms. I highly recommend you try ZB for yourself and see just how it can help you in your overall quality of life."  Carolina P, Nursing Student


How often should you receive Zero Balancing?

You can schedule sessions to support any goal or intention, such as to reduce back pain, help yourself to slow down or to better face specific life challenges, like a move or new job. I encourage clients schedule three sessions to start at regular intervals, such as every other week, since each session builds on the last. For acute pain or other challenging conditions, you may want to come more often.

“I feel better than I have since my wrist pain started. I feel like I’m 20 years old! I have no stiffness in my hands.” M.M.


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